Monday, 16 April 2012

memory of childhood

When I think back about my childhood , many vivid memories come to my mind. Some are pleasurable and some are painful.  Regardless the quality I attach to these memories, they form the early experiences of my life and they help to make me the person that I am today. 

The most vivid memory that I have is about the time I fell from a coconut tree. Though I fell about three feet, I dislocated my elbow. I still can recall the process of falling and the immense pain and discomfort afterwards. I was about six at that time. That accident made me extra careful when I climbed a tree even though I am quite sure that I would never climb a tree after this. 

Another memory spring into my mind is the memory when I played a sort of traditional games with my friends. We love to play hide and seek and I was the one who expert in hiding myself from being caught by my friends. Hahaha…Now, all my friends have transferred to another state, leaving me alone in this neighbourhood. I was so disappointed. I hope I am able to meet and gang out with them this coming weekend as what we have promised before. 

Ok, that’s all for today. I hope all of you enjoy reading my post. I will be back with another post tomorrow. See you soon

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