Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Harmful Effects Of Smoking

         Smoking is bad for our health because it is very harmful and causes many diseases. Statistics show that the number of smoker around the world keeps increasing from year to year. Smoking forbidden found at restaurant and place around the shopping mall.
        The number smoker is majority come from teenagers. Why do they smoking? Many peoples believe that they are smoking because they want to look mature. Besides,they are also smoking to fell free and to peer pressure.
        Smoking causes many diseases such as larynx, mouth cancer, lung cancer, and cigarette addiction. Cigarettes contain carcinogens that would make one to suffer with cancer. The physical change also can happen to one who is smoking such as yellowish stain will appear on the fingers and teeth. Besides, facial winkles will appear at younger age. It also can blacken the lungs.
         Smoking also effect the environment. The cigarettes smoke can cause air pollution. Continuous of air contamination can cause haze. Air pollution harden the living things to breath. It also effect the vision of eyes.
          Smoking habit also danger the people around. It is known as secondary smoker. The secondary smoker is higher risk to get disease than the primary smoker. This is proven that lung cancer is often happen in secondary smoker even though they are not smoking.
          How to reduce and and stop smoking??Many method that can be try to the smoker .First,make an appointment with a specialist doctor that is expert in reducing and stop smoking .Second, you will need to obey all the doctor suggestion and advice. Third, fill the time with activities that can give advantage to you .Forth ,feel grateful to god that gives us lives.
           Other than that , the social association need to organize a campaign to tell the society about the disadvantage of smoking . This method can reduce the number of smoker and maintain the peaceful of the world .Beside, the law about smoking need to enforce .
       As the conclusion we need to stop smoking to ensure the happiness of life.


  1. Not many grammatical mistakes, but i want to highlight several errors..

    1)besides, not beside..
    2)use firstly, secondly, thirdly,,not first, second, third,,or maybe you can use sentence connectors like not only that, in addition, and so on
    3)many people, not many peoples
    4)The physical change also can happen
    can also, not also can..

    Good luck for next writing!=)