Thursday, 26 April 2012


     Internet has long been known to the world, the internet has many users around the world. It is the most effective source of information. However, it has many advantages and disadvantages.
      One of the advantages probably the source of information. There is huge amount of information available for just every subject known to man ranging from government law and services, trade fairs and conferences, market information, new ideas and technical support. Furthermore, internet is very useful in business matters. Payment can be make by just using internet rather than go to the bank. Email is now essential communication tools in business. It is also excellent for keeping touch with family and friends. The advantages to email it is free of charge when compared to telephone, fax and postal services.
       Internet also good for community. Communities of all types have sprung on to internet. Its a great way to meet up with people of similar interest and discuss common issues. Many services are now provided on the internet such as online banking, job seeking, application and hotel reservations. Often these services are not available  off-line or cost more.
        Now for the disadvantages of internet. If you us use internet, your personal information such as your name, address, etc can be accessed by other people. If you use credit card to shop online, then your credit card information can also be stolen which could be akin to giving someone a blank check.There are new type of crime and security threats. Its not 100% safe due to hackers and people who steal sensitive information and other people's identities.  

         For children, people and muslims. There are threats of pornography and pedophiles. Many children want too grow up to quickly and meets strangers which may lead to rape etc.Children and adults bot tend to spend too much time online and wasting time. Some adults, for example and this leads to a communication breakdown and problems interacting with others.
         As the conclusion, the internet surely have many advantages and disadvantages to us. It is up to us to use it wisely otherwise it will harm us.

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  1. a bit correction:-

    1) For children, people and muslims. There are threats of pornography

    why put '.'. It makes the sentence hanging

    2)payment can be make
    should be 'payment can be made'

    made, not make